News Flash 2023!  Songwriter Doug Barr licenses ten songs for film & TV including his 1st placement.  ‘Easy Bird’ airs on Hulu; series Candy episode 101 titled ‘Overkill’.  note from Doug: these licensed songs are usually background to dialogue and barely audible however they are legitimate Songwriter income up front and on the ‘back end’ in the form of royalties.

Spring 2023 Doug Barr & the Blast return to Soundhouse Studio in Toronto to record songs 4, 5 & 6 towards his next album release.   

'Too Far From The Water', Doug & The Blast's first CD released in 2015 was only the beginning.  To date, three new tunes have been recorded.  'Anywhere By Now', Wound of Love' and a gorgeous arrangement of Doug's latest, 'Arthur Gunn in 1915' as featured on Boulder Colorado's Extinction Radio.   See and hear it on YouTube or in our Video Gallery.